Stuffing Dolls, Aching Joints

published12 months ago
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Hello Reader,

I've been sewing and stuffing like a madwoman the past few days, and my hands are paying the price. It's tough getting old. Honestly, don't underestimate the effort it takes to stuff dolls.

This weekend I sewed four Santa ornaments and two full-sized Sleepytime Santa dolls. The joints in my hands, especially my thumbs, are giving me quite a bit of grief.

Our Emergency Department holiday party was Saturday. One Santa ornament was my White Elephant for our gift exchange, and the other was a gift for my friend/coworker that hosted the party (poor thing - I told her to text me on Sunday if she wanted me to help her clean up). Turnout was great, though I was only mildly curious as to who was left to staff the ER. Don't judge me...

On Friday, I settled on my final day of work: September 1, 2023. I downloaded a retirement countdown app, and it's getting real! Only 8 months, 12 days to go! Just think of all the things I'll be able to accomplish without that pesky day job getting in the way!


Deanna Hogan

Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Dolls

Doll Artist and Teacher: Preserving the art of making dolls and Artist Member of the Original Doll Artist Council of America (ODACA).

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