Where's the Candy?

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Hello Reader,

Timing is critical when buying candy for Halloween. Buy it too soon and it'll be gone before the holiday. But if we forego the purchase altogether, this will be the one year we actually get trick-or-treaters on our dark, dead-end street.

It's been a busy week (all my weeks are busy, which is surprising to me as I've been retired for just over three months). I thought I'd finally have the time and forethought to decorate for the various holidays, but this one has caught me off guard. How can it be the end of October already?

So before I dig through the attic for decorative pumpkins and other spooky ephemera, I thought I'd share a quick pumpkin pin pattern with you.

Way back in 2004, I had the grand idea of creating and publishing a book of pin doll patterns. Not all were "dolls" per se, but other small fabric creations. I managed to design five: Raggedy Ann head (now available at Dollmaker's Journey: https://dollmakersjourney.com/annie.html , ballerina, Santa head (now available as a stand-alone offering on Etsy or my website), turkey, and pumpkin. So here's your freebie from me:

Quilted Pumpkin.pdf

Pins and pin dolls can be quick to make or very time consuming. It takes skill and patience to turn small parts right side out. We used to exchange pin dolls at doll club meetings and other related functions.

Check out my Hazel the Witch pattern if you haven't already. She's available in my Etsy shop for instant download or on my website for the traditional paper format or e-pattern that can be sent via email.

I'm excited to share that the next in-person Enigma class will be in December. I've been honing the modules so it'll be easier to convert it to an on-line version.

Deanna Hogan

Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Dolls

Doll Artist and Teacher: Preserving the art of making dolls and Artist Member of the Original Doll Artist Council of America (ODACA).

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